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I originally created a logo for the Sustainable Food Partnership whose mission was to improve lives, influence local food policy and optimise sustainable food provision in Bath and North East Somerset.

When the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many people in the local community were struggling to find food. So with 3SG, the membership network group for the B&NES third sector, a page was set up listing available sources of food for local people. Over time the Sustainable Food Partnership ceased to exist and the logo was used entirely for the website.

This list was visited tens of thousands of times in a number of weeks and it soon became clear that a separate website was needed to add and maintain listings. Thanks to the generosity of a local philanthropist who had seen our work, a new website called BANES Food Finder was quickly put together and ran successfully for about a year until summer 2021.

It was at this point that I created a whole new website that focused entirely on local food clubs and pantries and removed the food business listings as they were no longer needed. The site continues to operate and provides essential information to people in Bath and North East Somerset who are at risk of food poverty.