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What does a web designer do?

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If your business website isn’t working as hard as you’d like, you will need to make some changes. And that’s where a web designer comes in! From improving your search engine rankings to helping people navigate your website’s pages more easily, I will make sure your online presence is slick, smart and up to date.

Below are the biggest questions I get asked and the top reasons why you need a web designer to help you get the best website for your brand.

Can a web designer help people quickly understand what our business does?

The focus of your business should be clear within seconds of arriving at your company’s homepage, and if it isn’t obvious, then people will get frustrated and look elsewhere online. There is plenty I can do to make the nature of your business stand out – this includes making visual changes, as well as clearly pointing visitors to the relevant pages if they want to find out more information.

Can a web designer help build brand trust and loyalty?

Brand trust and loyalty can be hard to build and quick to destroy. An effective website with a clear brand and plenty of easy-to-reach information helps cement trust and lets your website visitors know exactly how you can help them.

I can also create a stress-free and simple contact page for your website’s visitors if they need to get in touch with you. Another easy way of building brand trust is if your website looks great, which leads us on to…

My website looks outdated – can you help?

A website that hasn’t been refreshed after a number of years always runs the risk of looking outdated. This can reflect poorly on your organisation and may give the impression that your philosophy and processes are also outdated.

If another organisation has a better-looking website then people may be inclined to engage with them instead. A clear, well-designed website and branding will work wonders to give your organisation credibility.

Not everyone is a designer, but everyone knows when they see a well-designed website. If your website has any design issues then I can definitely help!

Can a web designer help improve search engine rankings?

Yes! Minimal online visibility makes it hard for a business to gain traction among competitors. But luckily there are many ways I can improve your rankings when people are searching online. This includes improving the speed of your page and adhering to Google’s new Core Web Vitals to making sure your headings are loud and clear. I work with all my clients to ensure they get a high-performing website that works hard for their business.

Why does my website look bad on smartphones and tablets?

A website needs to be responsive, which means it needs to work gracefully across all devices large and small. In fact, most visitors will view your website on a mobile device, so it’s essential that your website is optimised to look great on smaller devices no matter what.

How do I easily maintain my company website?

If your site is hard to maintain, then you are less likely to update it regularly – this means information will be out of date and your organisation may seem neglected. I can help design your website so that it’s simple for you to update blog posts, images or essential information such as price changes.

How can we make sure our website is compliant with regulation?

GDPR, cookie warnings and accessibility standards for disabled users all need to be taken into consideration and can have negative impacts on your organisation if not handled correctly. This is something I can help with, taking the stress away to ensure your website is up to date and accessible for all users.